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Lessons in Transitioning from

Blue-Collar Roots

to White-Collar Success

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Changing Collars book

CHANGING COLLARS unveils the secrets to success in a white-collar world that is increasingly complex.  Wherever you are in your white-collar career journey, this book will help you achieve greater success, improve your satisfaction level, and provide a diverse set of useful tools! For those who have grown up in a blue-collar environment,

this book is especially valuable. 


(paperback $19.99, ebook $6.99, audiobook $24.99)

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What People are Saying About Changing Collars


“If you didn’t grow up in the corporate world, but want to succeed in it,

this book provides a must-read career guide full of sage advice.”

Mike Arnold, Retired President and CEO of Ryerson Steel

"Growing up, my next door neighbor and best friend finished high school and became a tool and die maker.  He was a good one and earned enough respect to be invited to weekly plant manager meetings. He once observed, 'I'm the only one in the Monday morning meeting wearing a plaid shirt.' I wonder how his career might have changed had he the opportunity to read Dan Muller's engaging, insightful Changing Collars.

It could serve as a template for any blue-collar worker considering navigating the sea change to the white-collar world."

Mike Johnson, author, Long Journey To Destiny and A Season Forgotten

“This book contains a vast amount of helpful information for anyone, whether from a blue or white-collar background, who is considering a white-collar career or is currently part of the white-collar workforce. It is also useful as a lifelong reference, especially for those from a blue-collar background aspiring to have not just a job, but a fulfilling, long term, white-collar career.  I especially liked the practical “white-collar lessons” interspersed throughout the book....”


Catherine M. Bakes, Ph.D., Emerita Associate Professor, Management & Information Systems,

Kent State University

“Loved the book!  The rules for ‘blue-collar’ workers and ‘white-collar’ workers are very different.  Dan Muller explains these differences with wonderful stories that make the lessons fun to absorb.  I wish it was available when I was starting my career. I plan to teach these ‘lessons’ to my college students and hope they will change their lives like they did for Dan.  A few critical things can make a huge difference.”

 Ryan Conlon, Kent State Adjunct Professor and retired CTO, Progressive Insurance

As a first-generation college graduate with a blue-collar background, this book is the perfect resource for navigating the white-collar workplace. Daniel provides lessons from his experience and addresses several different challenges someone transitioning from blue-collar to white-collar work will experience. After reading this book, I feel more prepared to advance my career. Daniel touches on lessons learned on all facets impacting white-collar work, such as differences between growing up in a blue-collar and white-collar household, office etiquette, expectations doing thought-work, and communication in the office, for example. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to advance their career, learn more about the challenges of transitioning from blue-collar to white-collar work, and better equip themselves.


Qamar Tariq, Marketing Coordinator

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About Daniel

I grew up in a working-class, blue-collar family in Northeast Ohio. After graduating with my degree in computer science from Kent State University, I began my white-collar career.  Eventually, after overcoming many challenges due to my lack of understanding the white-collar world, I succeeded and held several executive leadership positions in a Fortune 500 company.

In my 35 year career, I made many mistakes which could have been avoided had I known some of the needed soft skills, business drivers, and nuances of the white-collar world.  Later in my career, I discovered, while mentoring others, that there were fundamental lessons I learned during my career that were very helpful for others with less experience.  I also began to gather key lessons learned from other highly successful and respected 'blue-collar roots' peers who wanted to contribute to the content of the book.  This book captures all of those important lessons for your benefit.  Learn from a successful white-collar professional who has applied these lessons and has proven their effectiveness!


 Welcome to Daniel Muller's blog, where we will discuss many issues related to creating your success in the white-collar world.

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